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    Spiders can be found just about anywhere you look outside. Spiders hide under rocks, in the bushes, in the grass, under the eaves, and above your doors and windows. Spiders eat mosquitoes so they can be very helpful with with reducing mosquito numbers. Its for this reason that you may not want to eliminate all spiders.. Black Widows are often found here in piles of rock and brick. Sometimes they nest under the siding around your house. They make a messy looking nest and should be avoided. Most people get bit lifting something and disturbing the nest. They are poisonous. A good perimeter spray under the edge of the siding, around the doors, windows, under the eaves, and along brick or rock walls will control them. The Common House Spider sits in the corner of a room or around the doors and windows. They catch small flying bugs attracted to the light and smells escaping from the building. Unless you squeeze them they are pretty much harmless. Cellar spiders have a small body and long legs. They hang around in the corners of basements and garages. The make a thin web with random single strands running for several feet. Wolf spiders are very large brown spiders. They ambush their prey by hiding in dark corners. They eat insects that crawl most of the time. They do not spin a web. I catch them on sticky traps placed near garage doors alot.  funnel spiders make a funnel shaped web in bushes or any other crack they can back into. They are poisonous.
     Most homes will need a spider service in the fall. Others will need spraying about 3 times a year. Some homes with alot of spider pressure will need to be sprayed outside every month spring, summer, and fall.
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