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     Fleas can enter the house in many ways. Most fleas come in on pets, rodents or wild animals in the crawlspace or attic. Flea eggs can lay dormant for years inside an empty building. When the temperature is right and vibrations from walking by awake them they will begin to hatch. You will see black specks on your legs. White socks work well to find out where fleas are active. Flea bites are terrible because they itch so bad. They will normally only feed on animals but will bite people when they need to. I have found anyone who is anemic or has low iron in their blood will be the first to get bit. Iron supplements seem to help keep blood feeding insects away. Including mosquitoes and bedbugs. Iron is poisonous so consult you doctor.
     Treating for fleas will require the floor to be vacuumed extensively. Pay close attention to to the edges and behind things. Fleas will lay their eggs in a safe place. Vacuuming sucks up eggs and the vibrations wake them up. The can or bag should be emptied in a plastic bag and sent to the dump. Everything should be picked up off the floor. Toys and food should be covered. People and pets will need to leave for a few hours. 
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